In a world of hectic schedules, traffic jams and deadlines, it is time you workaholics give yourselves a break.  Unwind and treat

Booking Online - Golden Phoenix BoracayBooking Online - Golden Phoenix Boracay
Booking Online - Golden Phoenix Boracay

yourselves to a nice time of recreational leisure with loved ones or simply enjoy these quiet moments alone.

The Boracay Golden Phoenix Hotel is the perfect place for you.

We have a highly luxurious standard surpassing all others in the area and devote our efforts to exceed all your expectations.

We offer a warm and fragrant setting and with our original decor concepts, a very comfortable and relaxing ambiance is achieved. The very accommodating and well maintained environment we provide will make you feel the difference.

Our employees are courteous and very friendly thus adding a sense of familiarity and that of safety.This is one of our main objectives.With professional and efficient service, we induce a unique atmosphere of relaxed ease and pleasant joy.


With everything we have to offer plus the natural beauty of the island, we guarantee you a holiday you will want to relive.


One you will always remember!